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Medium Pizza


Serves 2 or 3. Cheese only.

(Optional $$) Add Veggies to Medium Size:Mushroom +$2.50Onion +$2.50Red Onion +$2.50Tomato +$2.50Black Olive +$2.50Green Olive +$2.50Capers +$2.50Spinach +$2.50Green Pepper +$2.50Banana Pepper +$2.50Jalapeño +$2.50Roasted Red Pepper +$2.50Broccoli +$2.50Zucchini +$2.50Water Chestnut +$2.50Pineapple +$2.50Cheddar Cheese +$2.50Daiya Vegan Mozzarella +$2.50
(Optional $$) Add Meats to Medium Size:Pepperoni +$3Ground Beef +$3Homemade Italian Sausage +$3Ham +$3Bacon +$3Canadian Bacon +$3Salami +$3Anchovy +$3
(Optional $$) Add Foodie Faves to Medium Size:Chicken +$5Smoked Trout +$5Cappricola +$5Yves Vegan Pepperoni +$5Sundried Tomato +$5Artichoke +$5Kalamata Olive +$5Cream Cheese +$5Feta Cheese +$5